Each lead is backed by our 100% Invalid Lead Replacement Guarantee.

If we make a mistake we’ll fix it, no questions asked. We promise to deliver fresh leads daily.

We will replace a lead if:

  1. We sent you the wrong contact information and you cannot contact them
    Invalid telephone number
    Incorrect name
  2. Lead says they did not request to be contacted regarding their web presence
  3. Lead is asking for services that are out of your company's scope

To replace a lead, you must return it to us within 48 hours from the date the lead was emailed to you.

We will not replace a lead if:

  1. Lead is too difficult to reach and won’t return your phone calls or respond to your emails
  2. Lead didn’t have enough budget
  3. Lead was only casually interested, wanted more information and wasn’t ready to buy or bought from someone else

We send you leads who say they’re interested in speaking to a professional  regarding their online marketing. It is up to you to turn these leads into sales.

Refund Policy

We don’t offer refunds but will replace a lead for the reasons listed in the ‘replace a lead’ section above